Volunteering at HAS regularly

L ife at Coimbatore for me started just a few months ago. Being an avid animal lover I wanted to be a part of an animal society and HAS has been the perfect place. As a volunteer at HAS I’ve been able to interact, understand and learn better about animals (dogs especially). This place provides a secure, caring and loving environment for animals, especially for those that are physically challenged. The shelter has an excellent and dedicated team that works towards the welfare of rescued dogs. The team treats, feeds, cleans and cares for any animal that walks into it’s doors with much care and affection. The team has also been able to execute the animal birth control programme effectively.

As a volunteer I spend my weekends and any holiday that the college has to offer at the shelter. We volunteers help in walking dogs, bathing dogs, checking and removing ticks, cleaning kennels, cuddling puppies and help with any task that has been scheduled for a particular dog on a given day. The organization also is open for adoption. They also welcome fostering of animals. Being a volunteer at HAS has been by far one of the best things about Coimbatore and weekends, I must add have never been so satisfactory. The love that every animal has to shower has no bounds. The organization enables every volunteer to carry out basic rescue operations and carry out screening for dangerous diseases in dogs. The NGO has something new to offer every day and learning never ends since there is something different about each animal.

HAS definitely is place to visit and if you are one of those people who has ample time in hand with interest in contributing to the animal community then do be a part of a family that has nothing but only love to offer.