Alice Chalk

Volunteering at HAS in December 2017

V olunteering with Humane Animal Society (HAS) has been an incredible experience, it is hard to express my gratitude to everyone. I discovered a true passion for healing animals whilst at HAS, which is why I returned again and again on my travels. I fell in love with the animals, the work and the atmosphere, of the whole place. I could not seem to tear myself away from the shelter spending most days there 9am-6pm, not because I was expected to do so, but because I could not stop. I learned a lot about the street animals in India, what a huge difference a person’s love, care, treatment and attention can do for the animals at the shelter. I overcame fears, focused on healing, and every day I was learning something new. I grew as a person and for this, I will always be extremely thankful to everyone at HAS.

As it is a shelter, sadly many animals still pass on despite best efforts, so it is important to be prepared for this, as it can be hard sometimes. However, this is one of the many reasons volunteers and their support are needed so badly; as it gives the animals at the shelter more of a chance to keep going and more hope for a brighter future. Although I dearly miss all the animals and staff at HAS, I hope to be returning soon and would like to say a huge thank you from all the animals, you have helped save and from me.